Chocolate and dieting: is it possible to eat chocolate and lose weight?

Effects and health benefits for chocolate lover when keeping a diet

Chocolate and diet

Many people have some issues against eating chocolate when you keep a diet. Well, it's their choice. Also there are many of those (some scientists among them) find eating chocolate while trying to lose weight conceivable and even useful. To be honest, I am one of them and not only in my words but in my experience as well.

I would like to share my personal and scientific reasons why any person and even those who are on a diet can eat small amount of chocolate every day.

Benefits of eating chocolate when keeping a diet

  • It's really hard to follow a diet and especially when you have to forbid many things to achieve your goal. When you deprive yourself of your favorite things it's more likely you will lose self control and binge. That is why it was so important for me and for many others to have a kind of treat while you are on a diet. Having some chocolate will motivate you to stay on a track. Just 1-2 squares of chocolate bar is enough. Let it slowly melt in your mouth. Enjoy it! Treat yourself!
  • If you choose to eat chocolate when you on a diet, stay with dark chocolate. It has less calories then milk or white chocolate.
  • According to scientific studies dark chocolate gives benefits to your health. Dark chocolate contains cocoa phenols which are known to lower blood pressure. Also dark chocolate has antioxidants that decrease risk of heart disease. White or milk chocolate don't give this benefits, because milk cancels out the chocolate's antioxidant effects. Don't even wash dark chocolate down with milk. It will absorb antioxidants from chocolate.
  • Chocolate increases the levels of endorphins that lower stress level. It makes us happy and helps us keep positive attitude towards our diet and live.

Benefits of chocolate are really great. But don't replace healthy food with chocolate. If you would like to lose weight try to balance your diet and amount of calories you take up. If you get some extra calories from chocolate, you have to balance it by eating less of other things.

And please, don't blame yourself for eating chocolate! Blaming yourself doesn't burn any calories (fun and easy ways to burn calories during a day even if you don't workout). Love yourself, treat yourself, enjoy chocolate and move on!

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