Healthy lifestyle advice, dietery and fitness recommendations for effective weight loss, sustainable energy and positive attitude in every day life.

Healthy Lifestyle Advice The healthiest, natural and effective way to lose weight

Our body has natural ability losing weight when it gets fewer calories. Simple, isn’t it. We all know it but don’t apply this ability in our life. We don’t want to give up our favorite foods, or maybe, we think that it can be easier to achieve goals by taking weight lose pills instead of watching what we eat and how much and how often we eat. Yes, it is easy to take a diet pill with hope and probably you will lose a few pounds with them. But it is very likely it would have only temporary effect which will disappear after you stop taking pills. By using our body's natural ability to lose weight we can achieve lasting results with minimum side-effects to our health. Read more »

Healthy Lifestyle Advice How to jump back towards achieving weight loss goal after breaking diet's rules

Are you blaming and criticizing yourself for having a pizza with friends last night, treating yourself to a cake or ice-cream because you felt lonely and tired, had a very stressful day at work, argued with your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend? You felt so awful that having 'a healthy meal' was not an option for you and now you feel even worse because you broke your diet, because you did not have enough strength to say 'no' to your favorite comfort food. You blame yourself for making the mistake. You feel paralyzed and do not know how to start it again. Feeling afraid that you will fail again is horrible! Read more »

Healthy Lifestyle Advice Chocolate and dieting: is it possible to eat chocolate and lose weight? Effects and health benefits of chocolate

Many people have some issues against eating chocolate while keeping a diet. Well, it's their choice. Also there are many of those (some scientists among them) find eating chocolate on a diet conceivable and even useful. If you would like to lose weight try to balance your diet and amount of calories you take up. Read more »

dietery recommendations Simple, fun and easy ways to melt more calories during a day even if you don't workout

If you would like to lose weight, of course, you need to eat well and work out. But do you know that your daily routines could help you burn more calories during a day? It also could be useful when you are not in mood to go in for exercise. No, do not consider it like alternative to workout. These are just simple ways to help you melt more calories doing your daily activities, little tricky daily extras to melt calories without breaking sweat for more active and healthy lifestyle. Read more »

Healthy Lifestyle Advice Dieting and fat. Saturated and unsaturated fats. Health benefits and negative effects of fats

It is a wrong believe that fats are bad for our health and especially they are not helpful when trying to lose some wight. There are different types of fat and each of them has different effects on humans body. Although fat does contain a lot of calories and it has been recommended that it should not make up more than 30 percent of a daily ration, it is not only the amount of fat intake that counts. The type of fat is even more important. Read more »

Healthy Lifestyle Advice Health benefits of fiber. Ways to increase daily fiber intake.

According to the American Dietetic Association 2000 calorie diet should include 25g of fiber per day for a healthy adult. The main sources of fiber is fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, grains and seeds. Soluble fiber helps lower blood cholesterol. Insoluble fiber provides bulk to the diet and helps to prevent constipation.Read more »

Healthy Lifestyle Advice Water and dieting. Nutritional value and calories in water.

Our body is composed of about 70 percent of water. It's essential for life to drink water to keep our body functioning properly. Water contains no calories and may not have nutritional value. Recommended amount of water a day is eight 8-ounce glasses. You may need more water if you exercise. Read more »

Healthy Lifestyle Advice Obesity rates in the U.S. What is a BMI? Internet recourses to measure your BMI for free

More than 1/3 of U.S. adults are obese. But at least the rise in the country’s obesity range seems to be slowing. 34% of Americans age 20 and older were obese in 2007-2008. Add in people who are overweight and the total goes to 68%. 17% of children ages 2 through 19 were obese and 32% were overweight. Read more »

Healthy Lifestyle Advice Think before you drink. Can soda break you diet?

Sugar-sweetened beverages are the number one source of calories in the U.S. For many people cola, ginger ale, root beer is the go-to drink to quench thirst or boost energy. If you want to lose weight, it is necessary to take a close look at how much soda you drink. Let's consider this: for example a 12-ounce can of 7UP contains 39g of sugar. It's equal to about 10 teaspoons of sugar. Let's say you drink at least one can of soda per day. It would be 7 per week and 365 per year. It's equal to 70 teaspoons per week and 3650 teaspoons of sugar per year. Indulging in just one can of regular soda a day can cause you to gain as many as 10 pounds a year. Read more »

Healthy Lifestyle Advice Can being overweight cause depression?

Scientists studies show a link between overweight and depression. People who are obese may be more likely to become depressed. In addition, according to studies, people who are depressed are more likely to become obese. Researchers believe the link between overweight and depression may result from physiological changes that occur in the immune system and hormones with depression. Being overweight and depression...

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