It's been a while since I posted an article. Yeah, I have a lot of ideas, amazing experiences to share, and I love writing, but I am a huge procrastinator! Do you, guys, know of any contest on procrastination? I genuinely believe I have a very good chance of winning!

Why I decided to Commit New Things Before Turning 30

my four weeks challenge

For the past month and a half, I have not only been procrastinating on writing the following article, but also procrastinating on committing to what I am about to commit to, thinking about it almost every single day. Ugh, just thinking it and not trying it actually feels so exhausting. But ta-da! Looking back, I now realize that I had already taken the first and easiest step. You'll soon understand what I mean when I say that.

In four weeks I am turning 30! I was first going to make the commitment two months before my birthday, but in the end I didn't make it. Fifty days did not work either. Then I changed it to thirty days, which I would have had to start this past Sunday. Well, that commitment didn't happen either, as I absolutely had not planned on doing any new things that day. But I was aware of the "30-day edge before a birthday", and I don't like regretting things I've never tried. I know that after fighting with myself for a while, I usually go and do stuff, and that's exactly what happened on Sunday.

I had an amazing start to my day when I walked across the Washington Bridge. I had wanted to do it for the longest time! It happened spontaneously and the whole experience was extremely pleasant: gorgeous weather, stunning views, interesting conversations with new acquaintances, and plenty of positive emotions! Overall it was a great experience! I had to ask myself why I procrastinated on doing it for such a long time! The next day though, feelings of doubt and uncertainty came back about my challenge, leading me to question whether or not I should do it. I became less positive about my idea... and so, I found myself procrastinating again. It's amazing how powerful our feelings and emotions are in our lives. But not this time. Today, I take responsibility!

Do I Worry About Turning 30? Not at all!

Barney Stinson, one of the main characters on the popular TV Show How I Met Your Mother, once said about the age of one of his numerous girlfriends who was 29 years old: 'Yes! You have another good year of your life!'. I have a whole four weeks of my Great Twenties!

Do I worry about turning 30? Not at all! I actually feel kind of excited. Those of you who are close enough to me know how deeply in love I am with my birthdays. It is always a very special day to me. I have never seen the point in feeling sad on one's birthday, and of worrying about one extra year added to one's chronological age. We are all in the same boat in terms of getting older. No matter how great we are at procrastinating, none of us, I would say, can 'procrastinate on our age'.

To me, birthdays are not about numbers, or not even about presents. Birthdays are all about the people in my life, and about those experiences full of little moments with intense positive emotions and the incredible energy that altogether make my life so wonderful!

I believe that absolutely any experience, even the most ordinary one, can become unique and memorable when we are surrounded by the right people. When you actually live the moment, experience it fully, and truly enjoy it, you can intensify that moment twice, and three, four, ten times more when you share it with the right person or group of people. Oh yeah, that has worked in my life! That's what I cherish about my birthdays, and basically about any day in my life.

Before Starting Thirties I Want To Make The Great Twenties Even More Memorable

I am very proud of my twenties. To be honest, I've done a lot of things: graduated from university; moved to a different country; started life from scratch; made great friends; met incredible, interesting, bright, and talented people; lost a lot of weight; tried a lot of new things; started my own business and failed a few times; visited many interesting places and countries; and so much more. But I would like to make my twenties even more special and memorable. That's why I am making the following commitment: for the next four weeks, I commit to do one new thing a day. I will be doing things that I've never done before. They can be big or small things, or things that I've always wanted to do, try, visit, see, or experience, but was procrastinating on. It could even be something that I did not know existed! Hmm....why not? ;) That could be very interesting!

That's Where I Need Your Help

I am very open to your suggestions and ideas for things I can do for the next few weeks. Ladies and gentlemen, I am asking for your help. I promise you I will run out of options very fast! Please, don't be shy. I know every one of you has great ideas and can share with me interesting things you would like to do. Yes, you do! Please post your ideas here, send them in a private message or in the comment box after the article, call me, or text me! Be creative! Be spontaneous!

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated! Fun, uniqueness, a bit of craziness in your suggestions is a big plus, as is a bit of inspiration from you. I'll mention that I enjoy doing down-to-earth things, doing things with my hands, exploring new places, traveling, doing various activities. Nevertheless let's keep in mind to remain realistic in terms of safety and budget. If you suggest to me to visit the Great Wall of China, I would tell you that it would be with great pleasure sometime, but at the moment it's not feasible and not in my price range. I would even skydive, but that, too, is a bit expensive for me right now. And please also remember I should do new things every day and thus cannot spend a lot on a single activity. I thank you in advance for your help.

Your Great Idea is The Only Thing That Matters

my four weeks challenge

At the end of my challenge, I will choose the best idea. The winner, the person who submitted the best idea, is going to get an exciting prize: he or she will get to do one new thing together with me -- that is of course if he or she would like to do something new in life. ;) I cannot tell you now what exactly that will be since I don't know what I am going to be doing for the next four weeks. I also have no idea who the winner is going to be, and what kind of experiences and background that winner has. But I promise you, together we can make the ordinary extraordinary! It's going to be very exciting and very intense!

It does not matter if you know me well or not. It doesn't even matter what part of the world you live in. We will figure it out later. Traveling was never so easy as it is nowadays. Anyone has a chance to win! From the time I post my challenge until the end of said challenge, you can submit as many ideas as you can think of.

And if you know cool, interesting, adventurous people who would like to participate in my very easy but exciting contest, please let them know.

That's How I Keep You Updated On the Progress

I will share my experience on the website. To keep the intrigue going, I won't post my pictures on Instagram before posting an update. Please, allow me some time to make my daily updates, as I am not going to be only writing: I will also be doing new stuff, working and living my life! ;)

I am pretty sure that we can count the commitment as the first new thing, can we?

Here they are! Things that I do


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