take the driving exam

Since the moment I decided to learn how to drive I'd been procrastinated on taking the driving practice exam for about two years. Finally, I passed it!

I know, it's not a huge thing for most of you, especially for those who can drive. The test itself wasn't the problem.

To me, the procrastination was all about my fear

Can you imagine feelings of a person who has a fear of heights and he needs to do bungee jump? Or, let's say, a person who has a fear of public speaking and he needs to make a presentation in front of a group of people. The fear of driving is this kind thing to me for many reasons that comes from my childhood.

I can only say that is a very deep fear. I remember that at some point in my life I had made a decision that I would never learn how to drive.

What had made me change my mind?

Well, I love traveling, I love being on the road! My grandparents and my parents took me on road trips since I was a tiny baby! I am so grateful for it! They still tell me these stories from my early years of life that I don't even remember. They taught me how to love and enjoy an adventure, especially my grandpa. I inherited my unstoppable desire to travel, explore new places and be on the road from my grandpa. I am very grateful for these lesson from him!

So, driving is one thing that kind of takes my freedom away, limits me when I travel. I guess the desire to explore and travel is much greater than fear of driving!

Taking and passing the test isn't driving yet, but it was a huge step to overcome the fear. It really means a lot to me. I am so happy! The first step has already been made!

Let's see how much time I will need to take the first driving lesson ;)




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