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Yesterday I invited you to visit Korean Food Festival on Times Square. So, how was it for you?

For me and my best it was amazing experience! We walked through all booths offering different kinds of traditional Korean food, drinks and snacks. The food was delicious! As I said, I've tried Korean cuisine before, but I've never cooked Korean dishes. :)

Today we made traditional Korean "Sushi" roll, which is called Gimbap. It is made from rice, vegetables and crab meat wrapped in seaweed. Although we had to wait in a long line to take the lesson, it was very exciting and rewarding experience as we ate rolls after. Those participant of the Korean cooking class who had succeeded received a little gift, a wrapping cloth patterned with the traditional ornament.

Let me try to remember what ingredients were in the roll. We put sticky rice (bap) over a layer of roasted seaweed (gim). That's where the name of the roll, the Gimbap, is coming from. After that we put some vegetables over rice (I guess, it was pickled carrot, yellow pickled radish and cucumber), egg, crab meat and tofu. Rolled it. The roll is done! Pretty easy when all ingredients are ready.

I am glad I've tried it. The roll was yummy! What a great cooks we are! ;)




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