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On the day 5 of my 4 weeks challenge before I turn 30! my introverted nature needed some time alone. The following idea was a great fit for the day. I was challenged by my best friend to learn the Chinese language for two hours. At first, when I saw this challenge on her list of new things to do for my challenge, I burst into laughter.

She is the opposite of me in terms of languages, she is the linguist, she enjoys learning languages. It is not my cup of tea. I've never enjoyed it. I really enjoy learning new stuff, new things, but learning a language to me is like being tortured ;). I understand that a language can be learned as any new skill, but it didn't make a whole process any inviting to me. Yeah, that's how much I don't like it.

The Chinese language..., when I can not learn proper English, seems like going into space....

I did it! I was learning the Chinese language for two hours!

It's hard to believe, but for about an hour and a a half I really enjoyed it! Wow! I was so surprised! By the way, it was quite interesting. First twenty minutes, when I was trying to understand a difference in a pronunciation of vowels, a significance of stress and intonation in the language, I felt like it was not a language at all, but a bunch of random sounds. I kept pushing and pushing until finally I started recognizing sounds and got the first and basic idea of the language. After that it wasn't so hard, I just tried to stay focus, listened to the teacher, made notes and took quizzes.

learn chinese language It was an awesome experience! I was so surprised when I took a quiz of 21 questions and 20 answers were correct! That was the moment where the fuel got into my system and learning became an enjoyable process. I went through a short topic and took a quiz, then again took a new topic and a quiz and so on! I loved it!

For the last 30 minutes my brain rejected any information. I felt very tired and overwhelmed, but I kept studying anyway. I couldn't give up almost at the end! When the time had passed I felt so proud of myself ;). I was very satisfied and felt so happy that I accomplished my little goal and I actually learned a lot for these two hours.

It was difficult in the beginning, but it is possible and I enjoyed it

learn chinese language The best part of the whole experience that I really enjoyed it even it was difficult in the beginning and seemed almost impossible to do. With a great determination, focus and passion everything becomes possible, even learning the Chinese language ;)! Try to read tongue twisters on the picture to the left. Not easy, huh?! It's almost impossible to read and pronounce it correctly even after two hours of learning the Chinese language, it takes practice.

Who knows, maybe I'll continue to learn the language. China is on my bucket list, I am pretty sure the knowledge would be very helpful in the country ;).

This is my favorite challenge so far!




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