Those of you, who follows me and my 4 weeks journey before turning thirty, already know that taking the driving practice test on the third day of the challenge was a really huge thing for me.

Ta-da! I am so happy, because I took my first driving lesson early morning today. To be honest, it was not easy!

Feeling so nervous, I couldn't do almost anything, tried to work a bit, but thoughts where coming back to the driving lessons. I had so much fear. I was literally shaking!

I usually don't listen to Taylor Swift, but this morning her song "Shake it off" got into my mind, especially those phrases:

Got nothing in my brain...

But I keep cruising
Can't stop, won't stop moving.
It's like I got this music.
In my mind Saying,
"It's gonna be alright".

Knowing that dancing will lower my stress level, I put the song on and at 6am I was dancing around the apartment and singing. You should see me! Ahahahaha! It's funny now, but in the morning I didn't think it was funny at all.

My driving teacher did a great job. The day I was signing up for the class he told me that after the first lesson I would beg him to drive on a highway ;-). I said that something magical should happen for me to do it. It was sooooo difficult for me even to seat in the driver seat. It took me some time to do it, but I did! We were driving...I mean I was driving. I don't remember where exactly I were going, all over Brooklyn I guess. I was so concentrating on what was going on the road and around that I didn't notice any streets' numbers.

take the driving lesson The only part of our route I can remember when I were driving on the highway towards the Verrazano–Narrows Bridge and Manhattan. Wooo-hooo! The weather was so sunny and beautiful, the view was amazing and I was driving!!! I can't find enough words to describe you the feeling I had inside of my chest. For a few minutes my fear disappeared, my body was kind of relaxed and I enjoyed driving!

I felt so happy after the class, very tired thought. Guys, from my driving experience, I suppose all drivers should be fit and toned. It's such a great workout. Every muscle of my body sore now, feels like I was exercising for two hours in the gym.

The second round is tomorrow!




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