Today is the day seven of my 4 week challenge before turning 30. For the last seven days I was doing a lot of new things (more than seven ;)) that I've never done in my life. When I woke up today I didn't have any idea what new thing I would do today. Tuesday is usually a very exciting day for me as I have a dancing class late evening, which I really like. But is's a very energy-consuming activity for me. I also had the driving lesson today, which was again energy-consuming. It wasn't wise to add something big to my schedule today, I wouldn't find enough time and energy anyway. Felling overwhelmed was not an option either. I enjoyed my breakfast thinking about today's challenge and I got an idea.

Our life is not only about looking for new things to do, introducing new stuff and people to it. It is also about being aware of things that we already have, being grateful for what and whom we have in our life. On the other side, we can eliminate some things from our life to bring more quality. And what I mean here is our addictions.

What is the challenge for today?

eliminating chocolate Yeah, I have a sweet tooth. And if there are chocoholic in the world then I am one of them. I don't use sugar in my coffee or tea, I don't usually have sugary drinks (paradoxically, it is to sweet for me ;-) ), but I can not live without chocolate! A fresh cup of coffee with dark chocolate! Yummm! It's hard to resist. I think that cutting down on sugar I consume would really beneficial for my health.

So, for today's challenge I decided to go without chocolate, candies, ice-cream or cookies. Anything sweet-related is a restriction for today. It's a real challenge for me.

Here is why eliminating chocolate and sweets is challenging

I can not remember a day when I did not have anything sweet. I succeeded with weight loss, and when people look at me they usually assume that I am on a strict diet and I don't eat sweets at all, or because of my body type I can eat as much sweet stuff as i want. It's not the truth. I just found my way to eat a lot of chocolate without gaining weight. I believe it's really possible if you really want to.

I love dark chocolate and everything chocolate related such chocolate ice-cream in its any combination with chocolate chips, fudge, brownies, cookies; chocolate candies also work great ;). If there is no dark chocolate then any other kind of chocolate works for me. And if there is no chocolate then anything sweet works as well! Aha, I am a chocoholic!

Can you imagine a day or a night when you stay home watching movies? And what do you want to do while you are watching TV? Yes, usually we want to put something into our mouth. Working in front of computer is kind of the same for me. I think it is a psychological thing, and I know that I can control of it.

I think I did really well today. I could not eliminate fruits from the menu though. I guess, I got all sugar I need :) from fruits. I ate any fruits I found in my kitchen - apples, pineapple, dried prunes, grape. I also had some nuts as a snack.

My secrets and Tricks I used to overcome chocolate craving

I used a trick with the grape that I've see somewhere on the Web, but I've never really tried it. The secret is very simple: I put grapes into a freezer and every time I was craving for chocolate I took one grape. As it was frozen, and it was very cold in the apartment one or two grapes were enough to stop my chocolate craving. Well, it seems better than eating chocolate!

It was so hard to resist chocolate when I was taking pictures for the challenge. Woo-hooo! The day seven, the day without chocolate, was a success.

It's better to stay away from the chocolate, it's so addictive

By the way, the Lindt chocolate bar A Touch of Sea Salt Flovar on the picture is my new irresistible temptation. It is so delicious! I discovered it two weeks ago and already forbid myself to buy the chocolate. It is so addictive. It's not me ;-), it's the chocolate! I promise, once you would start the bar you would not stop until you finish it all. That's how good it is! Stay away from it!




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