buy a house plant

A new thing for today was pretty easy and pleasant to do, and I felt absolutely comfortable ;) to do. It's been a lot going on for me in the last couple of days. After making a huge step in my life by taking the first driving lesson as a challenge on the day 6 of the 4 weeks commitment to do one new thing a day, I felt depleted both physically and emotionally.

For today's new thing I chose an easy to do thing which was offered me by a very good friend of mine from Switzerland. Yeah, we have a contest's participant from Europe!

An easy thing to do for the challenge and why I was procrastinating to get it done

The challenge was to get a home plant. Seems like not a big deal, right?! Absolutely correct! But I was procrastinating on getting an indoor plant for at least three years every time finding excuses such as 'it would die when I travel', 'it was not the right time', 'it kind of looks cool, but it's not exactly what I want", 'it's too cold/hot in my apartment, a plant would die'...

Back in my childhood I used to have a lot of different kinds of plants at home. I brought new plants from everywhere I went - from relatives and friends, from school, I bought it from flower shops... I used to be very passionate about growing and taking care of home plants, kind of miss that time. When I moved from my parents house, all plants in the house disappeared little by little. Now, when visiting them, I see only couple of cactuses ;).

I learned a great lesson today

A whole experience of getting a plant was very enjoyable. Instead of a regular lunch walk, I decided to go to a local greenhouse. For many years I really wanted to get a pitcher plant, it was kind of my dream to have it at home. I saw the pitcher plant at the greenhouse couple years ago, but again, in my mind it wasn't the right time to get it. I was sure I was going to get a pitcher plant today. But this time it wasn't there. It was a great lesson for me: Get things done when you have a chance! Don't look for an excuses to procrastinate on what you really want or dream of!

buy a house plant I needed to get a plant to accomplish my challenge for the day. Instead of a pitcher plant I decided to get mums. It's October, it's the month of mums. These flowers are especially gorgeous in America. The true beauty is in a simplicity! Mums and chamomiles are my favorite flowers.

I chose white moms, and when I went to a cashier I saw a carnivorous plant that I really like - a Venus Fly Trap! I was so excited about getting it, I couldn't leave mums either. It was so beautiful, and I indent want to procrastinate on getting moms this time ;). I bought both plants.

My 'Venus Fly Trap' is like a little pat which is not barking, biting or leaving its hait on the furniture. Well, it's not meeting me at the door either. It's standing on my desk and makes me happy every time I look at it. But what I am actually waiting for is a fly getting into its jaws! ;) Should I start growing fruit flies to feed the little Plant-y?




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