make a propr cup of tea

The idea about learning how to make a proper pot of tea was absolutely perfect for the rainy and cold weather we've had in New York for the last two days. Staying warm, reading a book with a cup of fresh tea, seems like perfect evening. No books today! I invited my neighbors/friends to have a little tea party with me tonight.

Making a proper pot of tea seemed to me like a very easy thing to do, so I baked an apple pie as a little addition. My friends really deserve it after all early music distractions they had this week on the day I took the first driving lesson.

There are so many instructions and ways to brew tea on the Web. I decided to go with recommendations form a British website. There was no one to judge! According to the instructions the tea should be perfect! ;)

The way I brewed tea

Run tap water a little to aerated it. Adde water to a teakettle. Important! - Use boiled water just once. Otherwise, your tea can taste a bit ‘flat’ according to the instruction.
Just before a teakettle came to the boil, I warmed a teapot with hot water, emptied it.
Added 3 teaspoons of tea leaves (for each 8 Oz. of water 1 teaspoon of tea leaves).
Added boiled water to a teapot, let it stand for 5 minutes.
Stirred and poured into cups.
Served with sugar and milk. It can be served with lemon or sugar cubes as well.

I was surprised, but 'a proper cup of tea' tasted completely different from what I used to call 'tea'. Easy and delicious!




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