Eat something new today

Going to a restaurant and trying something you've never tried before looks like a very simple thing to do. It is simple, but not that easy looking back at all things I'd done with my friend the day before, we went to the Mötley Crüe Concert. The concert was great! After five hours of standing at the concert, few hours of sleep and the early morning bus ride back to New York, it seemed like Mission Impossible to go out anywhere even to the restaurant.

Any commitment is a great work ;)! We took a subway back to the City to accomplish 'new thing for the day'.

Because of my big love with Korean food and the past successful experience on the day 4 of the commitment when I rolled Korean Gimbap, we decided to go to one of the restaurants (that we'd never been before) in Koreatown in Manhattan. Thought I like Korean food, I usually have the same kind of stuff every time I eat Korean food (just because it is so good) with thoughts that I'll try something new next time. Today was the day to try something new!

I tried a Seafood Bi Bim Bap, which I've never tried before. It was good.

Hmm... When did I decide that things I do should be challenging? ;) They should be new, but if they are challenging it is a plus, but not a necessity.




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