Make a jewellery

The idea of making a jewelry or clothes for the birthday was offered by a very good and very creative friend of mine. The idea was great! I used to do so many things with my hands, I miss it so much now!

Here is why I decided to make a bracelet

To be honest, bracelets are one of my weaknesses. I can not imagine a day without a bracelet on my hand. I can't walk outside home without a bracelet even if I go for very early morning walk. It feels like something is missing if I don't have a bracelet on my hand. It sounds funny even to me, but it's so true.

I have a collection of bracelets from different places I visited. It's never expensive things. I think, some of my bracelets cost even less than a US dollar. When I choose a bracelet it should have something special, some connection with the place I visit. It should be unique in some way to remind me about the trip. My favorite bracelets are made by local people. Some of them are so simple, but I like them so much!

It's not easy to share this, but a minute I put a bracelet on, I remember the place I brought it from, some moments from that trip and I feel so gratefully that I had a chance to visit that place. Yeah, traveling is another huge, weakness of me ;), probably the biggest one.

A creative nature of me erupted like a volcano after the great awakening

Make a jewellery

I didn't have any doubts that I want to make a bracelet for the challenge. The second a stepped into the Michaels Arts & Crafts store a creative nature of me erupted like a volcano after the great awakening. I knew that I came to get stuff for making a bracelet, but I couldn't miss a chance to go between shelves and look at everything on them, literally everything... I spent almost three hours in that store. Three hours in a store, when I hate doing shopping!

Designing and making a bracelet took me another three hours. I was making and remaking a bracelet. New ideas kept coming and I wanted to try every option! When finally I got it that designing and creating was never ending process, I decided to choose pretty simple design. The final product is a complete opposite of one I had in my mind before even started. A true beauty is in simplicity!

It looks like a bracelet is reversible. It can be more simple or shiny, depending a situation and mood. I didn't even realize that until I put it on. As I said, I can't imagine a day without wearing a bracelet and as it's still to far to my birthday I am wearing it today ;).

Make a jewellery Make a jewellery at home




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