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The day before yesterday I was kindly offered/challenged to be a hair model in a reputable upscale salon in New York. An appointment was scheduled the next morning.

I am pretty sure that I would say 'No' if not my commitment to do new things. I even could say 'No' just because it was too early in morning. It was kind of risky going there and letting someone to experiment with my hair. I am always afraid of unknown, that time I was afraid of walking away with half bold head and red hair. I could find millions reasons to reject the offer, but because of my commitment I said 'Yes!'. If something would go wrong, I can leave my silliness in twenties and never would do the same mistake my thirties.

In addition to a new experience, I was so happy to have an hour commute to the city when I could enjoy reading a book. Last two weeks were pretty busy. There was no time for reading. I was kind of excited to be on a train in the rush hour with no distractions, but only my book!

I can say it now, my experiment was a success. I am very happy with the result. It was a hair coloring class from leading hair stylist. I had an amazing hair stylist, a young lady who suggested me to go with a very light and delicate changes to my color. I loved it and absolutely trusted her.

But what I was more excited about is the whole experience and everything what was going on around me at the salon, and not about my hair style. It was so interesting to watch how professional hair stylist work. I was hypnotized by their skills, every movement of their hands, even the way they speak about what looks like a simple hair brush and how to hold it was amazing! It was like watching TV.

What I didn't like about them are their fake smiles. I do not like fake things in any appearance. I can't stand it! It was way too fake, especially when real clients came, not us, models. When they walked in, all stuff started to please them...and made fake smiles. The real clients are very reach people, mostly women ;). Anyway it was very interesting experience. I do not have any regrets!




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