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make a Halloween costume

Halloween in New York is a very special holiday. There is a big annual parade on that night which is the biggest celebration of Halloween in the world. It was my eighth Halloween in the country and the seventh parade in New York. I was a passive spectator all these years and it's hard to believe it but I had never worn a costume on Halloween! When we watched the parade last year together with a friend of mine, we decide to dress for Halloween next time. I can only say we made an awesome decision last year!

make a Halloween costume

A month before the holiday we went together to the biggest costume store in New York. I had no idea what kind of a 'Halloween creature' I would like to be. We spent a lot of time in the store, but nothing looked interesting to me, or a costume's price was too high, or it was not warm enough for New York's late October weather... When we were about to leave the store I saw a hat and I fell in love with it ;). Although I was so tired because of shopping, when I put the hat on I instantly felt energized. I knew it was made for me!

So, I had only the hat and the rest of the costume I decided to make on my own.

The night before Halloween we got together with my friend to try our costumes on and choose a make-up. It was a great idea to try everything before the Halloween night. We were making and remaking everything. It took us a lot of time. My costume looked absolutely different from the one that I had in my mind in the first place, and even from a look I tried to create this night.

We had a lot of fun!

make a Halloween costume

Make your next party more fun and memorable

I had three packs of balloons, but we didn't make a single carrot! We burst into laughter when trying to blew a balloon. Have you ever tried to do it? It's almost impossible and the process is a real fun! I promise you, a long balloon blowing contest between a couple of participants would make the whole party would rolling on the floor laughing!




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