I truly enjoy visiting Asian countries rich in culture and traditions. It's been a while since my last trip to Asia, and I miss it so much. What do I like about Asian countries? First of all, as I've already mentioned it, rich Asian culture and traditions. I like that unique spirit of these countries, an openness and kindness of people; the simplicity of their lifestyle, their sincere enjoyment of life, thier happiness, the beauty of nature, even a unique scent of Asia. I miss it so much...

In order to get a little bit of Asian spirit I decided to visit a Buddhist Temple in New York, which was on my list of places to visit in the city for sometime.

Mahayana Temple Buddhist Temple is situated in Manhattan's Chinatown, near the gates to the Manhattan Bridge. It is listed in major New York City guide and considered as one of the attractions.

The temple is free to visit. It's the largest Buddhist temple in New York city with the largest Buddha statue in New York. It should be pretty impressive for first time visitors of a Buddhist temple.

Form the minute I steeped into the temple I dive into the spirit of Asia. Of course, it was a bit different form the real spirit of Asia, but still very pleasant experience. As in many holy places taking pictures in the main hall of the Temple is prohibited. Right before the entrance to the main hall there is a donation box, where for a dollar you can pick a fortune. Here is mine ;)

I spent about forty minutes in the hall looking at the pictures on the walls with the story of Buddha, and just sitting and starring at the huge statue of Buddha, listening recorded chanting of monks. The atmosphere inside was pretty relaxing compare to the street of Chinatown. If you've never been in Manhattan's Chinatown on a weekend, it's like being in a small elevator fully packed with people. Though there were some tourists coming in and out of the temple, reminding me that I was in New York, I was so relaxed, in my mind I was in Asia...

I truly enjoyed my time in the temple with no Internet, the phone and rushing people around me. That experience energized and recharged me fully.




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