My family, my friends, people I am close to and experiences with all these people are top values in my life.

We all know how it is difficult to find people you can trust, you can fully rely on and have fun with, especially when starting life from a scratch. I am a very lucky person I have these kind of people in my life. People come and go in our life, but the right ones will always stay no matter what happens, no matter what our family situation is, what part of the world we are, how rich or poor financially we are...

I've chosen for my day challenge to express gratitude to one of these people in my life and spread information about an amazing things that she creates. No, it's an advertisement, it's my way to say thank you to her for being in my life. This person is a very special, very good friend of mine, Innochka Otrutskaya. I met her, I guess, four or five years ago in a language school we used to go. We had a couple of classes together. It seemed like we had a lot in common and became friends.

Now Inna is a mom of two adorable boys, a loving wife, a very generous and kind person, a beautiful woman and a very good friend. She is also a great host, an amazing cook and a very creative person.

I remember every time we got together with Inna for a cup of coffee we talked a lot about business opportunities, ways to grow and earn money. Back there she was the only person in my life who as myself thought about having a small business. We didn't know what to do, we didn't know how to start it, but we had an idea, and I think that I idea was one of the reasons we got along so well. We always had something to talk about. Time flew so fast a minute we started talking about the ideas of building a business. We were discussing other people's small business, episodes of well-known TV-show 'Shark Tank' where entrepreneurs seek investments for their business from billionaires. Shark Tank is my favorite reality show, because it gives me ideas, inspiration to move on, it also teaches me a lot of new thinks on business and people communication. It's funny but I remember it so well, I recommended the show to watch to many people, but Inna was the only person who got addicted to that show after watching only one episode!

A few months ago Inna has started her own small business. She is making unique home decor and bedding sets for kids and nursery. All things are designed by her, you would never find anything like that anywhere! Handmade pillows, toys, bedding sets are made from high quality fabric in soft colors. It looks so beautiful.

Letter pillows, animal pillows can be a unique birthday gift for any kid. Kids will love it! There are nothing like this in chain toy stores. Everything made by Inna is made with love!

Couple months ago Inna participated in a street fair in New York. All her friends came to support, congratulate her and helped her out to sell things. It was fun and very unique experience. Kids were so interested in chubby pillows, tooth fairies and lovely dolls. Adults (yes, even men!) who put so much value in handmade things and art and crafts couldn't resist at least to stop by the booth!

A holiday season is starting soon! If you need something special, something unique for a holiday present, please, go visit Inna's Etsy store chubbyABC. She also has a Facebook page. I am so happy for Inna and excited to say that recently she had an order from Australia!

And if you don't need a holiday present, go, visit the chubbyABC store for an idea and I promise you'll get a lot of warmth and love just from looking at all things made by Inna, that's how much love she puts into it!

Togheter with Inna we will be very thankful to all of you who can help us out spread this information. Thank you so much!

Once again I would like to say thank you, Inna, for being there through good and especially tough times in my life, for being there for me with your little boy! It means a lot to me. I would never forget it. Innochka, thank you so much! I am very grateful for having you in my life and good luck with your business!




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