I was challenged to prepare fortune cookies for five close persons with individual advice for each of them. Advice should be given in a form of a proverb I should individually select.

When I received the challenge I was very excited because of its uniqueness. But I also new that it would be very challenging thing to prepare fortune cookies. I visited a fortune cookies factory in San Francisco a half year ago and I saw the whole process of making these cookies. Even on the factory they had so many cookies that went to waste.

And if you've ever tried to bake waffles, like a waffle cones for an ice-cream, then you know the challenge - you have to roll a waffle when it's extremely hot in the first 3-5 seconds, otherwise it goes wasted. It is also important to have a dough in the right consistence to to roll it. The same principle works with fortune cookies. When I took a look at a fortune cookies recipe and its reviews I knew that I had a long night ahead.

The first part of the challenge, choosing five persons and proverbs for them was the most exciting part of the process. The tough part started when I made a dough with adjustment from recipe's reviews. When the dough was ready I spent so much time spreading it on a baking sheet. The dough was too thick, baked cookies didn't roll. It was recommended in the recipe to make two or three cookies at a time. Considering myself as an experienced baker I started with three, then switched to two cookies at a time, which also didn't work. While I was trying to figure out how to make a proper cookie, the dough was gone. Can you guess were the waste product went? Right! Into my system ;). I was blaming myself for eating cookies in the middle of the night and the same time I was soooo angry, so I couldn't stop getting rid of the waste.

Then I made more dough without any adjustments from reviews hoping that it would work. Awwwww.... That round didn't work as well. I felt so angry and tired. I looked at the window at the house across the street. There was no light. Everyone was asleep. I wanted to go to bed so badly. Honestly, there was a moment when I decided that I would give up on the challenge. The point was to try a new thing, I tried and failed, so what?! The was accomplished unsuccessful.

I was not giving up. I decided to try it one more time but this time I took into consideration everything what worked and what didn't work and I made my own version of the fortune cookie dough. When I took an egg (one egg is needed for the recipe), there were only two eggs left in the box. I immediately had a though in my mind that it was great that I had only two eggs left! So, I wouldn't spend the whole night in the kitchen!

With this positive thinking I made 'the first something' that looked almost like a fortune cookie. I was experimenting with the amount of flour in the dough and the amount of time each cookie spent in the oven. Even 30 seconds could make a big difference in making these cookies! ]

Finally I made those five cookies baking one cookie at a time, cooling down the baking sheet in between. OMG! I was so happy when I had five cookies on the plate!

Get ready! One of five cookies can be yours!

The challenge is on the list of my favorite challenges and has a great chance to win the contest!




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