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The first boxing class was absolutely amazing! I was thinking about taking a martial arts or boxing class for a very long time. Not enough courage... Until I saw the challenge on the list of new things to do form my best friend.

During last two weeks I tried to schedule a boxing class a couple of times with no success for different reasons. Either the price was too high, or it was a membership thing, or nobody didn't answer a phone.

That day everything was different. Feeling guilty after the 'fortune cookie night' I decided that today was the day. Moreover I didn't have any ideas for a challenge for the day. It also was raining outside. So, I decided to schedule a boxing class once again!

This time I went online and bought a package for three boxing classes. After that it was pretty easy to make an appointment for a class via the phone from the receipt. Three hours after I was taking my first boxing class! Woo-hoo!

I was invited to come thirty minutes before the class to get some basics about boxing and I can expect from the class. My instructor promised me that it would be a very high intensity workout especially for the first fifteen minutes. I didn't worry about it at all. I thought that I had higher than an average fitness level and these fifteen minutes would be a piece of cake for me. Oh, I was so wrong! Everything what I've tried before, all fitness classes, training and workouts were like a kindergarten warm-up!

It was so intense! Jumping and running at high speed and all variations of these two. Then we did squats, squats, squats, squats... So many squats in a very short period of time! I was burning! OMG! I felt like I lost few pounds below my lower back instantly!

After squats we did different combinations of squats with numerous lunges, jumps, jumping jacks, push-ups and planks... Every part ofmy body was burning! It was tough, but so much fun. It was also so interesting to see how far I can go. After first part of the class we did a good stretching routine for 10 minutes to get our muscles ready for punching and kicking exercises! I had so much energy in my body and was so ready to put my boxing gloves on!

And that's where the real fun began for me! Punching that huge boxing thing (no idea what's the name of it) is not that easy, there are some technics and it requires a lot of concentration and coordination. But after a few minutes of practicing I got a full taste of it. Guys, it was such a stress relieve for all these fortune cookies from last night, for everything form the past.... Wow! I enjoyed punching and kicking that boxing thing so much!

I need to say that they have a really good quality sound system in the room and have great music tracks for every exercise. Of course, they use rock music much of the time, I really liked that! It helped so much. It stimulates you to throw all negative energy out, pushing yourself further. It worked great for me!

Then we did punching exercises with a partner. Not easy part of the class for those who has bad coordination and slow reaction ;). After that stretching part again and we were done!

I felt so happy and energized after the class! The instructor noticed my high energy and offered me to join them the next day. And I did! Of course I wasn't so much exited about the class when I woke up the next morning after the first boxing class and felt so sore in every part of my body. I don't remember when was the last time I felt anything like that. But I sign up for the class, I promised to come and took the second class.

The minute a rock music started plying my soreness disappeared! After the second class I felt fantastic!

If you've ever thought about trying boxing class, do not procrastinate on it! Go for it! You'll love it!




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