The area of Brooklyn, where I live now, is used to be a good Italian neighborhood. The neighborhood is still very nice and quiet, but it is rapidly turning into Chinese-Italian area of Brooklyn.

Every morning a lot Chinese people come to a big kids playground for their regular morning exercising. If the weather is good, there can be over a hundred people on the playground. Considering that usually there are no people of other nationalities doing their morning routines, I think, it's pretty big number.

Instead of my regular morning walks I used to come to the playground for the morning workout... I used to watch Chinese people were doing their morning routines. Some of them where doing Tai Chi, others were doing some other kind of excesses that looked really strange to me, some of them were playing basketball, badminton....

I always wanted to try Tai Chi for a long time, but I had never enough courage. I was always worrying about how awkward I would look among them most of them are middle aged Chinese who doesn't even speak English.

This morning everything was different. I thought that I couldn't look more awkward than I was on my first boxing class. And if I did boxing I can do Tai Chi.

I came to the playground around 7am in the morning and for the next 30 minutes I was starring at groups of Chinese people exercising while I was doing my regular morning routine. Finally I went to a group of Chinese women doing Tai Chi fan dancing exercise and asked them if I can join them. They were so surprised. Only one of them who spoke very basis English greeted and invited me to join them.

Trying to repeat everything they were doing was almost impossible. It only looked like it was easy to do! Well, maybe if I could understand their language and what to do... But it was one of the most embarrassing experiences in my life, in a good way of course. I am happy that I tried it. I would definitely try it again but with an English-speaker instructor. Though at the end Chinese ladies invited me to join them on the next day. I thanked them and said I would be living in a day, and might join them when I'd be back.




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