It's hard to think about work in Miami! It's hard to do anything! I feel so relaxed here, especially after going through the incredible challenge of doing one new thing everyday for weeks. Seems like a great excuse to make a tour of Miami as a new thing I've done for the challenge.

It's great to have connections! From the travel industry I work in I have a lot of connections around the country with people who work in tourism including people who work as private tour guides.

One of people I work with lives and work in Miami, where we celebrate my birthday. I didn't plan to make any tours in Miami on this trip, but I was planning to meet my partner long before this trip. So, when I met him yesterday he kindly offered to make a tour of the city for as a birthday present. The tour was amazing! I visited Miami once before this trip and did not expect to see anything new, but I was surprised when that there were places I didn't see.




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