Love Your Life!

Love you Life

It's crazy how fragile our life is.... Ladies and gentlemen, read it to the end and think about it. It's for your own sake.

Enjoy the time when everything is just fine

We don't fully appreciate and value the time when everything is okay, when everything is just fine. We complain about things in our life even everything is fine, we procrastinate, we think that we have plenty of time ahead... I will do it tomorrow, I will be happy when I'll achieve my goal, when I get married, when I get divorce, when I get a job and so on.... But how much time do we have? How much?

I just came back form vacation with the best friend of mine. We had an amazing time and it seemed like everything would great and fun forever. But being there I get a bad news that a person who I knew had gone. She was a very young, kind and generous person. It was a shock to me that she is not with us anymore. It instantly reminded me how fragile or life is.

We usually don't expect that our life or lives of our dear people will end soon

We usually don't expect that our life or lives of our dear people will end soon. We think we have a lot of time... We think that we always have time to say 'Thank you for being in my life', 'Thank you for being with me', 'I love you', 'I miss you', 'I want to hug you', 'I want to make a cup of tea for you'.... We think we can do it tomorrow, because today I feel too shy to say that, I am to tired, or because I don't want to look vulnerable. 'What if she/he will reject me?'. 'I just don't want to do it because he/she doesn't do it for me'. So, you do it first and see what might happen, what if she/he is also waiting for the first step from you.... How long would you wait for? 'What other people will think about me if I'll do that?'.... Bullshit! Do it now! We don't know how much time we have. We don't!!!

Is happiness at the end of the road?

The happiness is not at the end of the road, it's not in the goal we would like to achieve, it is in the process to our goals, in living our lives. It's in watching sunsets and sunrises, it is in being, fully being with people we love, going for a goal even if it's painful and hard, raising kids no matter how difficult it is, being with wife or husband in a good or bad time, it's in meeting new people, in conversations over a cup of coffee, a bottle of beer, a glass of wine, in dancing, working, traveling... No matter what you like or do, happiness is in the process, in living and enjoying our lives.

Love you life!

Love your life, really love it and live it! We have the only chance to live.

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