My secrets on how I lost over 40 pounds and how I kept it off for over 8 years!

weight loss success story

My story on weight loss began over eight years ago. At that time I intentionally started doing something about my weight and the way I looked and felt. Before moving to the United States I was far from a skinny and fit person. I ate late at night. I only took a fitness class in college twice a week because I had to. I really used to eat a lot!

No, I don’t blame my grandmother for being such an outstanding cook, and she still can cook amazing dishes!

I was very close to my grandparents back in my country. I visited them every single day. Of course every time I came to see them I was invited to have at least a cup of tea. But it was never just a cup of tea. The food was always very good! Also in my family, as in many families in my country, we always had this big anniversary celebration with a tremendous amount of food. That was one of my favorite times when we all got together. We talked and ate a lot of really delicious homemade food. How I used to love those times!

Therefore, I had never been that fit of a person before I came to this country.

Why people now think of me as not susceptible to gaining weight

I would like to say without boasting that in my entire life I have never looked this great, been so fit and toned, and felt as energetic and healthy as I do right now. I would like to share and reveal my little secrets on weight loss, my successful story of how I changed my lifestyle, and how I became “skinny and fit,” what people are referring to me today as. It is true that many people can’t believe that I actually lost around 40 - 45 pounds. Some people say that I have the body type that is not susceptible to weight gain. However, it is genetically possible to be overweight in my family based on my mother and grandmother.

Yes, it is a picture of me to your left. And that is exactly how I feel - light, happy and energetic!

Here is my story...

This is how my weight loss began

Coming to the U.S. for the first time actually made gaining weight a bigger problem for me. I worked as an exchange student in a summer camp’s kitchen along with other young men. Although we worked extremely hard, the kitchen was a paradise for all of us! You can’t even imagine coming to America and having access to all that unhealthy food. In the kitchen we didn’t think of it as unhealthy, but rather were amazed that they were brands of food we had seen on TV! We were not allowed to bring food outside of the kitchen, but at our work place we could have as much of whatever we wanted. To be honest, we took full advantage of this! It didn't end up well for any of us.

After two and a half months of work every one of us gained weight. I looked horrible! I remember when I returned from my trip and went to my first class at college and I heard somebody whispering to someone else behind me that I gained a lot of weight! You can imagine how upset I was as nobody wants to hear that being said! I knew that I gained weight, but I believe it wasn’t until that moment that I became fully aware of my weight problem. My mind was exploding and I lost track of everything what was going on it the room. Did I do much about it? Unfortunately the answer is no.

When I moved to the United States the weight gain situation worsened. I was rewarding and treating myself to food for everything whether it was feeling stressed and lonely, making steps in a job search with or without progress, and so on. I was comforting myself with food until one day...

My successful weight loss experience began and so did my first little secret

A very dear person in my life made it clear to me that I needed to do something about my weight by at least joining a gym. It may have been just a suggestion but for me it wasn’t easy to start doing anything. I was a very shy, naive, provincial girl with a lower than average level of English. It was challenging for me to even talk to a stranger and taking classes at an English speaking gym was not an easy task.

To help overcome my shyness and fears I went to a few different sport clubs to inquire about their membership. I am feeling embarrassed now thinking back to that time. Luckily, I overcame my fears and finally joined a gym. It was at that time everything started to change for me. I took classes three times a week and sometimes even four. I remember in the beginning I would stand in the back line as far away from the instructor as possible so nobody could see me if I did not understand how do something. I was so shy!

It was fairly quickly that I became addicted to the gym and exercising. I felt better and was more positive about the way I looked. I found going to the gym was a great way to relieve stress and fill up my free time. I noticed very soon that I was not only feeling great but I was losing weight! It sounds crazy even to me but I started taking two to three classes per day due to my exercise addiction and the emotions I was feeling. I was taking whatever classes the games offered including kickboxing, yoga, salsa, and steps. My confidence began to grow, as I knew all the moves in every class by heart. I even moved to the front line and was right in front of the instructor! I felt absolutely amazing!

The second secret to my successful weight loss

There is another important thing that helped me achieve my goal along with going to the gym. In order to have such a big and rapid success in my weight, I had to change the way I ate. I was eating too much fast food and drinking too much soda the time I was working at the camp. I do occasionally eat fast food now, but only when there aren’t any other choices. This is a rare occurrence.

When I started going to the gym I was working 5 days a week from 7:30am or 8:00am to 5:00pm or 6:00pm. A daily commute would take me about two or two and half hours. I was very busy during the day and didn't have much time to eat big meals. I started my day with a good, healthy breakfast. I would even say breakfast became the main meal of my day. I was eating a breakfast that looked like the size of what most people would eat for dinner. I would have small meals often throughout the day. I always went to the gym immediately after work. I did need energy before beginning my 2 – 3 class schedule. I would eat something at least an hour before working out. I also drank a lot of water during the day and during my classes. This is something I was not doing at all before. I would eat something light after the gym like an apple, banana or yogurt.

My body soon adjusted to a new way of eating. I wasn't hungry late at night anymore. I didn't overeat, but I did need something small to eat at least every 2 hours. I could not do without it! I woke up hungry! My new eating habits gave me a higher metabolism.

I was very happy with the weight loss results I achieved, and even happier about the energy my new body has. I even became more positive and productive.

Have I succeeded in keeping my weight off? The answer is Yes!

People ask me all the time how much time it took me to lose weight. Unfortunately I do not remember. I can only say that it did not happen overnight and it was a process. But I would say it was fairly quick for me. I didn't concentrate on the final result but I did enjoy the process. I didn’t check my weight every week and not even every month! I just kept going and enjoyed it. I couldn’t give it up once I got addicted to my new lifestyle. Healthy eating and exercising and being active became a part of my life ever since. Now I can’t imagine a single day at least without some form of exercise like a nice long walk!

I absolutely love those nice 30-minute walks in early morning hours or later in the evening! And that is not all I do to energize myself for a day. I committed to a new exercise routine (My experience and the DDP Yoga review) that brought my life to a new level, an even higher level than I could have ever imagined possible. This routine keeps improving my life every day and allows me to stay energetic and positive.

My advice to future successful weight loss followers

Here is what I would like to say by sharing my experience. If I was successful and lost weight and it changed my life then you can do it too! Here, in America, we have so many opportunities that are often taken for granted. We make lots of excuses, we procrastinate, we suffer and we find logical reasons to prove why we can’t have a better lifestyle, a look we dreamed of or a high energy level and positive outlook we wish we could have.

Ladies and gents, sometimes we need a little help and support from someone dear in our life or from a successful or high status person, to start doing something. I hope you have this person in your life! And if not then I would like to become this person. Please look at my successful experience and at least join a gym. Yes, this is a request for future successful weight loss followers, for those of you who are very serious about weight loss! Make the first step and join a gym! I strongly believe that you can change your life! Start exercising and be positive! It is not going to be easy at first, but I am sure very soon you will start to enjoy it and feel better about yourself and want even more changes in your life! Stay with it and do not give up. And remember, if a shy provincial girl from outside of the U.S. did it, then you can definitely do it too!

Do you have enough strength to push yourself and do the workout at your home? You may want to consider my exercise routine as a great alternative to going to the gym.

Best of Luck!

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