Gigving up dieting and feeling like a looser is not the option!

Or how to use your weak moments and motivate yourself towards achieving your goal

You are not alone when you are about to give up!

Changes are not easy and even those things that are tiny and have positive intention sometimes can be very difficult too. No matter what kind of change we decide to bring into our life it is one hundred percent that a weak moment, a moment of resentment will arise on our way at some point.

We all know this moment and feelings that come with it. Remember feeling weak and we are about to give up after trying something new, we blame and criticize ourselves for not being strong enough, for being so easily influenced by other people's words and opinions.

I bet you had these moments in your life and not even once.

Why it is important to accept your weak moments as a part of the process and be okay with it

Do you remember a time when after you'd been on a new diet or tried a new thing for a while you felt dis-energized and negative? Just because those changes felt so unusual, so uncomfortable we started thinking like we would never reach our goal, we would never be fit and good looking. And all we wanted that time just to switch back to our old eating habits or old routines, back to that false comfort that we had had for a long time. These moments are tough....

But it is okay to have these weak moments in any changing process. We all have our moments. The resentment will come up either we are starting a new job, or decide to wake up earlier, and even when we decide to lose some weight. Knowing that a resentment is a part of a changing process is a huge step ahead.


I had my weak moment just yesterday after returning from a training on self-development

I had my weak moment yesterday. It's been only two days as I returned back from the training on self-development and self-growth in which I invested a huge amount of money. Since the day I returned I've gradually started to introduce little changes into my life. Just yesterday I had a phone call that affected me so much.

Yes, people around us, our family members and friends, co-workers would also be affected by any change we make in our life. They will see changes in us and they would either accept it or resent it. Their reaction can be a starting point for our weakest moment. That what had happened to me. In my case it was resentment. It was tough... I was about to return to my old emotional cycle by criticizing myself for being so weak, being so easily influenced by other person. And I went to that emotional cycle for a while blaming myself even more for spending so much money, getting into a debt and being back to my old stuff, my old negative feelings. I burst into tears... The good thing is that the emotional cycle did not last long.

At some point an interesting though came into my mind that everything what was going on was only a part of the process. You can not believe me, but the moment I have this though I started smiling. Honestly, I started smiling. I realized that the changing process has started!


Here is how to use your weak moments and motivate yourself towards achieving your goal

If you are very serious about the weight lose you would have these moments either you starting a diet or new exercise routine. There is no way you'll skip this phase. As I said, changes are not easy we all know that.

Just be prepared. Once you have committed to a diet know and be aware that those resentful moments are on their way too. Please, don't blame yourself next time you are having a pizza or late dinner, do not make yourself feel like a looser. You are not! You are just a human as everyone else. Realize that weak moments are a part of a process and you need to get back on track right away. Get back to a diet, continue your exercise training, get a support and motivation from a diet program expert's if you need it. Don't be shy and ask for a little bit support and motivation. We can be highly confident in losing weight once we are starting a diet, but the confidence might weaken in a progress. That is the right moment to ask for a to overcome your weak moment. That's why the wight loss programs offer experts help! Use their offers, motivate yourself and keep on moving towards your goal!

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