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Positive review of DDP Yoga from a very happy and full of energy customer. DDP Yoga works!

After I saw a huge interest posting my weight loss success story, I decided to reveal the secrets of a current exercise routine that brought my life to a new level, an even higher level than I could have ever imagined possible. This routine keeps improving my life every day and allows me to stay energetic and positive.

The following article is not just an advertisement of another workout. I am not being paid for spreading the information. I know that there are many people out there who would like to become more fit, more energetic and more positive or even those people who would like to just get a little help in becoming more physically active. I would like to share my successful experience that I strongly believe can improve your life. The DDP Yoga is not a scam!

How I learned about the exercise routine that changed my life

About five months ago I was watching an episode of one of my favorite shows, 'Shark Tank'. I enjoy the show because of the ideas and inspiration it gives to me. For those of you who are not familiar with the show, it is a reality competition for entrepreneurs seeking investments for their invention or business from ‘sharks’, well-known billionaires and very successful businessmen and businesswomen.

On that episode there was a presentation of DDP Yoga and a story of a disabled veteran weighing 297 pounds. Doctors told him he’d never walk again without the aid of two canes and knee braces. He committed to the DDP Yoga workout, because he was tired of the life he had. He achieved great success and lost 140 pounds in less than a year. Now he is not only walking, but also running! There is a video on the official DDP Yoga website with the story of this veteran. He was actually on the episode of Shark Tank and looked completely healthy, even healthier than an average American! His story had a tremendous impact on me.

Although I continued to go to my old gym, I knew I needed to try something different. I couldn’t stop thinking about the veteran's story, even when I was visiting my family back in my country few months ago. I told my mom this amazing story and promised her that I will try the training myself. Here is why I made the promise...

Why I committed to a new workout routine

First of all I was not happy with the gym I was going to. I didn't like the classes being offered. And not to mention the amount of time it took to commute to the gym. I considered other gyms but their membership rates were much higher and I couldn’t afford them. Therefore, I kept my current gym membership. I did take a couple free classes with a personal trainer and also did a workout routine of my own. It just didn’t feel like everything I was doing was challenging and satisfying anymore. Deep down inside I knew I was ready to try something new.

But the main reason why I decided to try DDP Yoga was I was having problems with my knees that stems from my early childhood. I was hoping the problem would just go away in time, as many doctors promised.. Unfortunately, the pain was still there and I had to learn how to live with it. I wanted to see if this form of exercise would help strengthen my knees and hopefully relieve the problem.

How my workout was positive and beneficial in my life

I have been doing the training for 11 weeks now. It may not sound like a long time, and of course it is not long enough to resolve the problem with my knees. I can’t stop doing the training because of the several positive changes that I have experienced.

The promise of an increase in energy is reason enough to try the workout. It completely energizes me for the day. Although in the first two weeks I didn’t feel this effect, I think my body took that time adjusting to the new exercises. This was the toughest time for me. I enjoyed the process itself but I actually was feeling tired from doing all the yoga.

I had never thought that I had this many muscles before I started doing the DDP Yoga! I was now aware of every part of my body, even my fingers and toes. Before I would have never believed anyone who told me something like this is possible. I am so happy to say that it is possible.

Everything started to change when I adjusted to my new routine. I had more energy immediately after the training and throughout the day. My mind became sharper and clearer. I started to wake up even earlier than I ever did, at 5:30am or 6:00am. This worked out great for me, as I find mornings to be the most productive time of the day.

To be completely honest, I was amazed how fast my body was changing. I felt and looked even more fit and toned than ever before. My posture improved dramatically! It became easier to work long hours in front of the computer. I even got rid of the annoying pain in my back and my shoulders were not stiff. I was so much stronger and more flexible. I would have never thought I could be this flexible. The workout is designed to help you work on all different aspects of your body.

The advantages I received from committing to the program

After I bought the training program, I canceled my gym membership. I am saving money and still working out, feeling and looking great! I find the workout is very easy to follow. It comes with DVDs (this is the only disadvantage of the program from my perspective) and an excellent program guide. In addition to the workout schedule there is motivation, nutrition and fitness advice. I don’t actually follow their nutrition recommendations and still have great results. I wonder what other benefits I would have if I did.

DDP Yoga saves me a lot of time. A daily workout routine takes only 15 to 30 minutes for the first few weeks and about an hour as you progress. It can easily be done in the morning. I personally like to do my workout right after I wake up to help energize me for the day. It feels so invigorating. If I do the yoga late in the evening then I have trouble falling asleep because of my increased energy level.

I am happy and thankful I made the decision to try DDP Yoga. In three weeks I will be finishing the beginner level, and I am so exited to see what results I will have from the intermediate and advanced level.

I need to say that I have never been a fanatic of yoga either I am today. I would never do Yoga, Zumba or any other workout just because everyone around is practicing it or because it is considered as a modern and cool thing to do. For me it is more about an experience, about feelings and emotions that I received from the workout. DDP Yoga helps me sharpen my mind, stay happy, healthy, positive and productive. That is more than enough for me. I will stay with the training for as long as it gives me these great benefits.

My word to future active lifestyle followers

It was exciting to share my experience with my relatives and friends. I even have one successfully follower who is my best friend. She also had positive results by committing to the training, and can’t thank me enough for getting her addicted to this new lifestyle. This addiction can bring more quality into your life! It is an amazing training program!

Once you order it then all you need is a yoga mat, a small space in your room and a desire to change your life for the better. My determination kept me going and I still believe this workout will help the pain in my knees. It helped the veteran who didn’t walk without support! I am willing to try whatever it takes even if doesn’t help completely. I can say that my knees are feeling somewhat better. I couldn’t be more thankful for a training program that actually works and is fun to do.

If you did read my weight loss success story, hopefully you will find this workout a great alternative to going to the gym. It is important to be honest with yourself that you have the strength to push yourself and do the workout at your home. You have to commit to the workout by telling yourself that you want to make a difference in your life. You need to stick with it and the positive results will all be worth it.

Ladies and gents, you are very welcome to share your secrets of sustainable energy, productivity and happiness. I would love to hear your thoughts and your experience. I promise I would definitely try some of your recommendations and share my experience with you.

All information and reviews are my personal experience and opinion. I am not assume any liability or responsibility for damage or injury to you or your health. I am not liable nor do I have any control over the content contained on websites I link to from here. Please consult with your doctor before committing to the workout.

Good Luck!

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