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An easy and safe way to invest money if you are a lazy person

Let's admit it, most people are lazy and will always find excuses why they can't start doing something new. Investing is one of these things. So often people choose not to invest either because they think they are not wealthy yet or they don't know and don't want to make any effort to learn about investing. Luckily, there is an easy way to start investing. Read more »

Best 5 companies worth invest with you hard-earned money

The list of top 5 brokerage firms that offer great services, provide powerful trading platforms, do right based on their customers' evaluation and are fully regulated. Whatever is important for you - low fees, convenience or technology - the following table will help you decide on choosing a brokerage that is right for your investment goals and skills level. Read more »

What a new investor can learn from the most prestigious online brokers survey

It is an honor for a brokerage firm to be rated high by Barron's, which, of course, drives more attention to the firm and hence attracts more clients. Although the survey is designed to rank brokers based on their investment requirements and the needs of high net worth investors, I can still say that a beginning investor can also gain valuable information from it. Read more »

4 facts to consider when choosing a brokerage firm for a new investor

Your choice of a brokerage firm as a beginning investor makes a huge difference in the amount and quality of services you are going to receive as a client. What's even more important is that your choice of a broker determines the price of investing in the form of commissions and fees. Read more »

My struggles and mistakes as a beginning investor that you could learn from

It is likely that you are interested in investing in stock market but just don't know how to get started... If you are still reading, you probably can recognize one of the following thinking models and limiting beliefs that stop you from starting an investment: 'I don't have a major in finance,' 'I didn't save enough money to start investing yet,' 'I am not wealthy enough,' 'I am not smart enough,' 'I am an immigrant in this country,' 'I am a woman,' you name it. Read more »

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Inspiring Investing Quotes

Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.

Warren Buffett