Weight Loss


How to jump back towards achieving a weight loss goal after breaking diet's rules

You broke your diet and you are feeling worse. Now all you can do is blame yourself for making the mistake... The article might slightly change your outlook on your own life, but this may be a starting point you are in need of. It will help provide you with positive actions towards achieving your weight loss or other goals and change the quality of your life forever. Read more »

A last resort for those who is giving up on a weight loss goal

It is absolutely normal if it doesn’t work. You can imagine all the positive things in your mind; more energy, healthy eating and living, looking good, and all of this still might not be enough to put you back on track. Guess what?! Read more »

My successful weigth loss story

My story on weight loss began over eight years ago. At that time I intentionally started doing something about my weight and the way I looked and felt. Before moving to the United States I was far from a skinny and fit person. I ate late at night. I only took a fitness class in college twice a week because I had to. I really used to eat a lot! Read more »

How to find your true reasons to commit to a diet and succeed

Easier said than done - how to really push yourself to start doing something. You need to remind yourself why you wanted to lose weight in the first place. It isn’t because your favorite musician or movie star was following the diet or that it is a trendy diet or even due to your best friend following the weight loss program. I am sure you have your own personal reasons for why you wanted to lose weight Read more »

Gigving up dieting and feeling like a looser is not the option!

How to use your weak moments and motivate yourself towards achieving your goal. Changes are not easy and even those things that are tiny and have positive intention sometimes can be very difficult too. No matter what kind of change we decide to bring into our life it is one hundred percent that a weak moment, a moment of resentment will arise on our way at some point. Read more »

The exercise routine that changed my life

The following article is not just an advertisement of another workout. I am not being paid for spreading the information. I know that there are many people out there who would like to become more fit, more energetic and more positive or even those people who would like to just get a little help in becoming more physically active. Read more »

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