An easy and safe way to invest if you are a lazy person

Let's admit it, most people are lazy and will always find excuses why they can't start doing something new. Investing is one of these things.

So often people choose not to invest either because they think they are not wealthy yet or they don't know and don't want to make any effort to learn about investing.

Luckily, there is an easy way to start investing, and that is through Swell Investing.

Swell Investing is an online brokerage firm, which offers a portfolio-based online investing platform.

Swell Investing started with a simple idea to create “a better investment option for people who care about where their money goes and what it supports.” Today, the company focuses on providing clients with a way to invest in growth companies that offer innovative solutions to some of the world's biggest challenges - clean water, healthcare and renewable energy.


How Swell Investing works

As I mentioned above, Swell offers a portfolio-based investing platform. You can open an account with no minimum deposit to explore the platform and portfolios. There are no commitments or obligations.

Currently, they offer six portfolio options - renewable energy, healthy living, green tech, disease education, clean water and zero waste. Portfolios comprise US stocks and ADRs, which are stocks that trade in the U.S. but represent a specified number of shares in a foreign corporation.


An Easy Way to Invest Money


Once you decide to start investing your money with Swell, all you need is to choose portfolios where you want to invest your money and make a deposit. Swell will invest on your behalf based on your portfolio allocation. Swell’s portfolios are already managed by its portfolio managers, so you don't have to constantly monitor your investments or do any additional research. Swell manages everything for you.


An Easy Way to Invest Money


The cost of investing with Swell

Swell does not charge any trading commissions as traditional online brokers, such as Ally Invest or TD Ameritrade, do.

Instead, Swell has a 0.75% annual fee charged on a monthly basis. According to the Swell's official website, "With $500, your yearly fee would be $3.75 ($500 *0.0075= $3.75). That’s less than a fancy coffee! If you want to know how much per month that comes out to, it’s about $.32 a month."

On the other hand, it will cost you $4.95 to buy or sell stocks with Ally Invest.

Swell does not have fees to open or even close an account. No hidden fees and transparency are other great advantages of Swell Investing in addition to its simplicity and low cost.


How safe is Swell Investing

The company is a subsidiary of Pacific Life Insurance Company (“Pacific Life”), an insurance company with nearly 150 years of expertise in providing a wide variety of insurance, financial services and other investment-related businesses.

The company is regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.


If you are new to investing

There is no need to be concerned whether you would understand how the platform works or not. The platform is very easy to understand and use. It will literally guide you step by step, from opening an account to making a deposit and checking your portfolio status later.


An Easy Way to Invest Money An Easy Way to Invest Money


Once you decided to start investing with swell

$500 is the minimum initial deposit requirement. You can choose to set up a recurring deposit with a desired amount and frequency; otherwise, you can always make one time investments. Swell does not have a minimum investment requirement after the initial deposit was done.

Have you started investing yet?! You can visit the official Swell Investing website to open an account.


An Easy Way to Invest Money


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