Are you adventurous enough to start investing now with only $50?

Easy way to Start Investing

Let's admit it, most people procrastinate so often and will always find excuses why they can't start doing something new. Investing is one of these things.

So often people choose not to invest because either they think they are not wealthy yet or they don't know and don't want to make any effort to learn about investing.

Luckily, there is an easy way to start investing, that is, through Swell Investing. If you think you haven't saved enough money yet, Swell Investing will let you start with only $50!

It all sounded good to me when I learned about Swell Investing for the first time, so I decided to try the portfolio-based investing platform. When I decided to start with Swell, it required a $500 initial deposit. I invested it.

No time spent on trading or research

Easy way to Start Investing

You can start investing in an easy and safe way too

Setting up the account was a pretty easy and straightforward process. The platform is very easy to understand and use. It will literally guide you step by step, from opening an account to making a deposit and checking your portfolio status later.

Swell focuses on providing clients with a way to invest in growth companies that offer innovative solutions to some of the world's biggest challenges - renewable energy, healthy living, green tech, disease education, clean water and zero waste.

Investment allocation is easy as 1-2-3

I decided to allocate 15% of my investments in renewable energy, 30% in green tech, 35% in clean water and the last 20% in zero waste. That's it! You are all set! It is so easy!

I don't go and check anxiously if my portfolio goes up or down every hour, day or week. I do not do any additional research either. I just let my portfolio work.

The thing is, Swell’s portfolios are already managed by its professional portfolio managers, so you don't have to constantly monitor your investments. Swell manages everything for you. Isn't it wonderful?!

You open an account and invest money. Swell will invest on your behalf based on your portfolio allocation and will manage your portfolio for you.

It's cheaper than a traditional brokerage

All this is just for a 0.75% annual fee charged on a monthly basis. According to the Swell's official website, "If all you ever do is put in your first $50, your annual fees will be approximately $0.375 ($50 * 0.0075= $0.375)." Any traditional brokerage will charge $4.95 and above to buy or sell a stock.

You can see below how my mix has performed so far. As I said, I don't check it often. I just let it work. Risk of investing is always present whether you are investing with a traditional brokerage or a portfolio-based platform. You just need to be 'comfortable' to take a loss on your invested number or lose it all to sleep well, have a fulfilled and happy lifestyle, and let your investment work for you.

As I mentioned, you can edit your portfolio any time by simply changing the percentage invested in each of six portfolios. Swell will do the rest for you. Also, you can choose to set up a recurring deposit with a desired amount and frequency. Otherwise, you can always make a one-time investment. Swell does not have a minimum investment requirement after the initial deposit is done. I tried it once. After my first initial deposit, I invested another $50.

The company is a safe place to invest

Easy way to Start Investing

There is no need to be concerned whether Swell is a safe company. Swell is regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The company is a subsidiary of Pacific Life Insurance Company (“Pacific Life”), an insurance company with nearly 150 years of expertise in providing a wide variety of insurance, financial services and other investment-related businesses.

Still not sure if you are ready to start investing? Do you consider yourself an adventurous person? If yes, then open a Swell account with no fees, no obligations or commitments and explore a well-designed and easy-to-navigate investing platform. Make your first step towards starting an investment!

Big earnings!

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