The 5-minute solution to reduce the appearance of a pimple

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Reduce Pimple Redness Quickly

Ever woken up to a red pimple on your face the day you have an important meeting or a date? I know how it feels. Frustrating!

I have been suffering from severe acne most of my life. After doing extensive research, I found a natural remedy that dramatically improved my skin's condition. However, nothing is perfect in life. My very oily skin still gets pimples now and then.

As my experience showed that natural organic remedies gave better and faster results in my skin's health and appearance, I decided to find a natural solution that would help me ease the inflammation and redness of oily skin without clogging pores. Sure enough, I found the perfect one!

It is natural rose water.

Just make sure you read the post until the end to find out how to choose a rose water that will have the best possible effect on your skin.

How to use rose water daily to improve the appearance of your skin

I use rose water as a toner twice a day after cleansing my face. It works like a miracle! It is very light and does not leave any greasiness. Also, it doesn't dry the skin. In fact, rose water helps maintain your skin's pH balance.

How to use rose water when you have a 'skin emergency'

Rose water is just a perfect solution to calm down your skin quickly if you have irritations, redness or pimples.

Soak a cotton ball in rose water and put it onto the affected area. Leave it for 3-5 minutes. You can leave it for a bit longer if you have more time and see the result!

Rose water will wave you money too!

I know how desperate you can become in search of the perfect remedy for your acne. I was ready to pay huge money for a small bottle of β€œfancy” well-advertised solution that has a potential or no potential to cure my problem. I have never looked back since I started using rose water.

Rose water is natural and helps me not only with my skin condition but also saves me money! It costs less than $15. Just take a look at prices here.

How to choose rose water and my favorites

When you pick rose water, read the ingredients. It is very important! I found so many brands of so-called 'rose water' that are some kind of a chemical substance. Pure, natural water can only consist of pure and organic, very often Moroccan, rose floral water.

I've tried a few brands of rose water. Here are three of my favorites.


Radha Rose Water Tonic. This one is the best of the three for me. It is USDA organic 100% pure Moroccan rose water. It's cruelty free and vegan. It contains no preservatives. The smell of this water is fantastic to my taste.

Another thing which I find very important personally to me is that it seems that this brand in particular works best with my skin. It reduces redness so much better. Maybe, you also need to experience a few brands before you want to stick with one.




Organic Rose Water Spray by Eve Hansen. This brand comes in the biggest size among the three. There are no artificial fragrance, chemicals and preservatives. The size is great. You can even use the spray for your hair to give a fresh uplifting scent.




Rose Water Toner by Tick Naturals. This brand also uses natural organic Moroccan water. Unlike the two brands I mentioned above, it comes in a glass bottle. I like it very much. A very nice addition to your first order of this brand is a coupon for a free small bottle of rose water. I used the coupon too! No rose water is being wasted! πŸ˜‰



Best of luck at your interview or on your date! πŸ˜‰


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