Natural remedy to treat your acne and make your skin glow

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Home Remedy for Acne

I have been a fan of using natural oils for hair and body care for a long time. I've shared that I use natural Kukui Nut Oil to keep my hair healthy and vibrant and make them grow fast. It only takes 30 seconds per day! You can learn about my simple daily hair care routine here.

My skin care secrets

Today, I want to share my skin care secrets. I have very oily skin. As we all know, the oily skin ages more slowly, yet it breaks out easily. I had a terrible acne problem for years. I spent thousands of dollars on all kinds of acne remedies - lotions, creams, gels, peels and dermatological treatments. Nothing gave me a long-lasting result. My skin condition worsened even more at the time of stress.

The last winter was the toughest time in my life. I had one of those kinds of stress when you don't know how to get up from bed, you don't have energy and no vision what your life is going to be. Simply, it feels like you are going to die. I have developed practices over the years that have helped me get back to life after any setback as soon as possible. I adhered to those principles no matter what. So, I survived! 😉

Yet, my skin was 'blooming' with acne to a degree that even a close friend of mine, an aesthetician, was shocked. Yeah, she was basically shocked! She had never seen my skin in that condition...

It was terrible. The acne spread all over my shoulders and back, which had never happened before. It was painful and ugly. I didn't want to get out of the house. Just looking at the mirror was so unpleasant. That's when I decided to explore natural remedies for fighting acne and helped restore my skin quickly.

I came along a few articles where people who suffered from severe acne used...

Hemp seed oil to cure their problem. It sounded counterintuitive to use oil for oily skin, but I found many successful stories and decided to try. I was open to anything that would possibly help me.

I bought Hemp seed oil and I started using it.

It was incredible to see my skin improved after the first use.

Instantly! The oil cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized the skin. It was glowing! That gave me a lot of hope, and I started using the oil twice a day as a cleanser.

Here is my daily skin care routine

Just 1-2 drops was more than enough. I washed it off with warm water, then cold water at the end. After washing, I patted my face dry with a soft towel.

A deep exfoliation once a week

Once a week, I do a deep exfoliation with Hemp seed oil. I take a teaspoonful of oil instead of a few drops and massage it onto my skin for approximately 10 minutes. While massaging, I take a soft warm towel (warm it up in hot water). I use this soft makeup towels, which are desiged for sensetive skin. They come two in a package, which is very convenient. I use one as another one is being washed. I change and wash my face towels daily.

I put the towel on my face for a few seconds, then continue massaging. It helps open up pores. I usually repeat it three to four times during those 10 minutes. At the end, I wash my face with cold water and pat it dry.

It took me about two and a half months to see a real improvement in the condition of my skin. It is good to remember that I was still recovering after a major stress, so you might see the result much sooner. Still allow at least four to six weeks for the skin to restore.

I also use Hemp seed oil a moisturizer for the whole body. It works great! It feels great! It is not greasy at all.

Why this natural remedy actualy helps to treat acne

What makes this Hemp seed oil unique and ideal for oily acne prone skin is that it contains over 57% of linolic acid, which helps rebalance the skin's sebum secretion. After using the oil for some time, the skin sebum becomes less thick and sticky. Pores will naturally clear out, leaving healthy-looking skin.

It's actually fantastic! I personally was suffering from deep under skin acne. The skin has changed dramatically after I started using the oil.

Hemp seed oil is better than coconut oil. Here is why

Unlike coconut oil, which is so often recommended today for acne prone skin, Hemp seeds oil is non-comedogenic. The truth is, coconut oil is a true disaster for oily skin as it clogs pores even more and worsens the condition of the skin. On the comedogenic rating, all oils are rated on a scale of 0 to 5 points with 5 being the most comedogenic. Coconut oil has 4 points, whereas Hemp seed oil has 0 point, meaning it will not clog pores.

To get the best result possible...

I've tried a few brands of Hemp seeds oils. Two brands I really like are USDA Certified Organic Hemp seed oil by Renewalize and Organic Extra Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil by Sweet Essentials.

The first one comes in a dark glass bottle with a dropper. It is very convenient to use but a bit pricey. The second one comes in a plastic bottle and hence less expensive

If you decide to go with any other brand, just make sure you choose Hemp seeds oil and not Hemp oil. There is a difference.

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